Auton vuokraus Tampere. Laakukkaita vuokrakilometrejä!

Rental conditions

Auton vuokraus Tampere. Laadukkaita vuokrakilometrejä!
Auton vuokraus Tampere. Laadukkaita vuokrakilometrejä!

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In these terms and conditions, the rental company means the lessor (Vaihtoauto M&M OY / MP Rent /, Y-identifier 2566933-3) and the customer means the lessee (the lessor of the vehicle).

Use of the vehicle 
- The customer is obliged to take care of the car as well as a careful person takes care of his own, and to observe special care and caution when driving. The customer undertakes to use the car only in the usual way intended for it

- The customer is the main user of the car, he/she can hand over the vehicle at his own risk to a person who knows the vehicle rental conditions and meets the other conditions set by the rental company and the Finnish Road Traffic Act

- The use of the car for illegal purposes, towing, competitions or their training, driving lessons, driving on ice outside of officially marked ice roads or for anything out of the ordinary is prohibited.

- The vehicle may not be taken outside the borders of Finland. The costs resulting from unauthorized export, including downtime, will be collected from the customer if necessary, and an official notification will be made about the unauthorized export.

- Smoking is not allowed in cars. The permission of the rental company must be requested to transport pets.

- The customer accepts that the representative of the rental company is not there to check the condition of the vehicle at the time of pick-up and return. The customer undertakes to take photos of the car from all directions before putting the car into use and after returning the car to its location, to keep the photos for 30 days from the end of the rental and hand them over to the rental company upon request. If photos are not delivered to the rental company despite the request, the vehicle is considered to have been in the condition indicated by the previous inspection at the time of collection.

Responsibility for the car and its equipment during the rental period
The customer's basic deductible is 1,000 euros, and the customer is responsible for damages to the car up to 1,000 euros.

The customer is liable up to the upper limit of the deductible
- To compensate for damages to the car and its equipment during the rental period. The liability for damage compensation applies to the vehicle as a whole, including tires, mirrors, door handles, windshield, windows, etc.

– To replace keys, parts and accessories lost from the car during the rental period

– To compensate for the cleaning and cleaning costs due to unusual soiling of the car. The customer must collect loose trash when returning the car. We charge €50/starting hour for after-cleaning

In addition, the customer is obliged
To pay the daily fee for the downtime caused by the damage according to the price list valid at any given time, however for a maximum of 7 days. Downtime begins to run from the day of the injury.

To compensate the rental company for any bonus loss of the vehicle insurance in full.

Tenant's responsibility for all damage
If the damage caused to the car or the rental company is the result of the lessee's intentionality, gross negligence, using the car under the influence of alcohol or other narcotic substances, for criminal purposes, or because the lessee has otherwise substantially violated the terms of this agreement or refueled with the wrong fuel, the lessee is obliged to compensate the rental company in full for the damage .

Release of the lessee from liability for compensation
The renter is released from liability for compensation if the rental company receives full compensation for the damage based on the other party's motor insurance or from the person who caused the damage.

Other payment obligations
The renter is obliged to pay the parking and parking error fees, overloading fees and other fees assigned to the rental company based on the owner's responsibility, including all costs, arising from the use of the car during the rental period. When returning the vehicle at the end of the rental period, the customer must park the car in the parking lot in a way that does not result in parking error fees. The customer is responsible for the costs resulting from wrong parking during the return. If the customer does not handle the payments themselves, a handling fee of 80 euros will be charged to the customer in addition to the amount charged.

Tenant's responsibility after the rental period
When returning the car, the renter must make sure that there is no damage to the car due to the car being parked before the next user. This means that the renter is obliged to check that no electricity-consuming devices are left in the car, such as: headlights, interior light(s), radio or, for example, a window open, from which the interior can get wet. If the renter neglects this obligation, he can be invoiced for the incurred costs afterwards. These can be, for example, the costs of charging or replacing depleted batteries, as well as downtime costs in accordance with the customer's basic deductible.

The rental company's repair liability and repair cost estimate
An external expert chosen by the rental company will estimate the repair costs resulting from damage events if the damage cannot be repaired immediately. The rental company has no obligation to repair damage to the car, even if the customer has been billed according to the value of the damage in accordance with other rental conditions.

Rent payment
- The rental company may require a security deposit of 500 euros before the rental, from which the rental company has the right to charge all fees based on these rental conditions. The security deposit will be returned to the renter within four (4) days of the end of the rental

– The lessee pays the rental and any other costs incurred by the rental with an invoice after the rental

- Exceeding driving kilometers without notification will result in a double charge from the customer.

Duty of the rental company
The rental company must hand over the car to the renter in good condition and in accordance with the law at the agreed time at the agreed place. Upon request, the rental company provides the customer with adequate guidance and instructions on how to use the car. If the renter does not get to use the car as agreed, he can demand compensation, a rent reduction or terminate the rental agreement. The maximum amount of compensation is limited to free rent for the rental period. The rental company has the right to exchange the vehicle reserved by the customer for a similar or larger car that can be driven with the same driver's license class.

Fuel and car care
The renter pays for the fuel he needs (diesel/gasoline depending on the car), the vehicle is rented and returned with a full tank. The renter is fully responsible for damages caused by using the wrong quality fuel.

The car must be refueled even after a short drive, for not refueling the rental company will charge a €50 refueling fee in addition to the fuel used.

The lessee's measures in cases of error, damage and theft
If a technical fault occurs when putting the car into use or during use, such as a red indicator light or an unusual sound, you must stop driving the car immediately and contact the rental company for operating instructions. If this is not delivered, in addition to the full compensation obligation, the renter is obliged to compensate the possible towing and investigation costs of the car in order to deliver the car back to the rental company.

The renter must immediately notify the rental company of a fault in the car or of damage or theft to the car. Theft and damage must also be reported to the police without delay. If the notification is not made, the customer is also fully responsible for the other party's damages, in addition, the renter will be charged a 500 euro negligence fee. The police report must be submitted to the rental company.

The renter may, without notifying the rental company, repair the car at the rental company's expense to a maximum value of €50, if it is necessary for the continuation of the trip. In this case, the renter must obtain from the shop that repaired the car a certificate of the repair and an individualized receipt for the payment made.

The rental company's responsibility for the car's fault
If a technical defect or other error occurs in the car during the rental period, the renter can demand a correction or a rent reduction corresponding to the error. If the defect due to the condition of the car is essential, the renter can demand the cancellation of the contract. However, the contract cannot be canceled if the rental company delivers a replacement vehicle within a reasonable time. The renter can claim damages for damage caused by a defect or error. The maximum amount of compensation is limited to free rent for the rental period.

Returning the car at the end of the rental period according to the contract
The car must be returned to the agreed place at the end of the agreed rental period. A change in the return time or place must be agreed with the rental company in good time. The rental period according to the agreements ends when the car has been returned to the location approved by the rental company. If the car is returned late without notification, the customer will be charged a late fee of 100 euros and 20 euros per starting hour. Refunds will not be paid for a car returned before the agreed time or additional services not used, but the customer will be charged according to the original agreement.

If the car has not been returned at the end of the rental period and an extension of the rental period has not been agreed with the rental company, a criminal report will be made to the police.

Termination of the contract
The rental company has the right to terminate this agreement during the rental period if it becomes apparent that the renter is in material breach of this agreement or that the renter is unable to handle the car properly, according to the rental company's assessment. If the use of the car is prevented due to damage or theft, the contract will be terminated after the rental company receives a notification of the damage or theft. When the rental company terminates the rental agreement, the renter is obliged to return the car to the rental company without delay.

Cancellation of reservation
If the renter has booked a car from the rental company and still wants to cancel the rental, the rental company must be notified in writing without delay. If the notification is made four (4) full calendar days before the agreed rental start date, we do not charge a cancellation fee. If the notification is made three (3) or two (2) full calendar days before the agreed rental start date, we charge 50% of the rental price as a reservation fee. If the notification is made later or not at all, we charge the full rent.

The rental period for the car is 10.10. from 12:00 to 10.10. at 15:00. If the reservation is canceled on 5.10. at or before 11:59 p.m., there are four full calendar days in between, and we do not charge a cancellation fee. If the reservation is canceled between 6.10. from 00:00 to 07.10. at 23:59 we charge 50% of the rental price. If the reservation is canceled on 8.10. at 00:00 or later, or it is not canceled at all, we charge 100% of the rental price.

Other terms and conditions
The renter accepts that the location of the vehicle can be located with the GPS device found in the car and the location history of the vehicle can be saved, for example, to check compliance with the mileage and refueling obligation. The renter accepts that the renter's personal information can be checked from other registers, such as the credit information register, in order to determine the terms of the contract.

Contract disputes
Disagreements are primarily resolved through negotiations. If the disagreements are brought to a court for resolution, the lawsuit must be filed in the district court of the rental company's domicile.

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